New BackgroundTask in SwiftUI and How to Test It

Hallo bakkers en brandweerlieden, Leo hier. Today we will talk about how to implement BackgroundTask in SwiftUI and how to test it. In 2019, Apple released an API called BackgroundTask. The main goal was to keep your app’s content fresh and perform operations that will take a few minutes to finish while it is running in the […]

Exploring SwiftUI Redraw Behavior with Instruments

SwiftUI Redraw View Example

Hallo spelers en gokkers, Leo hier. Today we will do something I was curious about and is exploring SwiftUI redraw behavior with a simple App. I started to study SwiftUI recently and I can already say that this framework is a delight to work with. To do simple apps and make things is really straightforward. […]

New MapKit Configurations with SwiftUI

new mkmapconfigurations in swiftui

Hallo wandelaars en hardlopers, Leo hier. Today we will make a really fun project exploring all the new MapKit configurations with SwiftUI. I’m loving learning SwiftUI and although I’m really new to it, I can see why so many people love this framework. The speed and the expressiveness that you can achieve with a few […]

Memento Pattern with SwiftUI

tutorial memento in swift swiftui

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. I’m glad to announce that we will study one of the classic twenty-three design patterns, we will create an implementation of the Memento pattern in SwiftUI. We will mix a very old technique with the new UI framework in this tutorial article. The main motivation to start studying this was a […]

SwiftUI Toast in UIKit

Hallo knap en mooi, Leo hier. Today we will explore how you can use an animated SwiftUI Toast in UIKit. This is a scorching topic since we are walking slowly but surely toward all apps having SwiftUI as the primary UI framework. Don’t blame yourself if you already don’t know how to use SwiftUI properly, no […]

How to Start iOS Development Career Part 3 – Building User Interfaces

Building User Interfaces on iOS and Swift article example

Hallo collega’s, Leo Hier. Building user interfaces in iOS with Swift is a great theme, and today we will have a long discussion about it. This is the third part of my series “How to start iOS Development Career”. If you didn’t read the introduction and part 2, I would strongly suggest doing so. The […]

The Death of View Lifecycle

Hello people, Leo here. Today I want to explain what was the old view lifecycle and why it’s already obsolete. First of all, what I’m calling the “old view life cycle” is technically the UIView lifecycle. It has some method that we can override to enable our screen to behave the way and when we wanted. […]