Creating Settings Screen in SwiftUI With AppStorage

how to swiftUI appstorage annotaiton tutorial

Hallo muren en daken, Leo hier. Today we will talk about how to create a persistent user settings configuration using AppStorage in SwiftUI. Let’s remove the elephant from the room because AppStorage annotation uses UserDefaults. Don’t treat UserDefaults like your personal dumping ground for every piece of data under the sun. Sure, it’s tempting to […]

How to Mirror Any View in SwiftUI?

how to Learn to invert or mirror views in SwiftUI with simple scaleEffect techniques for creative and interactive UI designs

Hallo vrienden en familie, Leo hier. Today we will talk about how to invert or mirror any view in SwiftUI. For the past weeks, I’ve been thinking about the role of mentoring in big organizations. Should mentoring be a process organized by the company itself? Should it naturally emerge from the self-organizing work colleagues? Should […]

Number Text Animation in SwiftUI with contentTransition

how to use SwiftUI contentTransition

Hallo bomen en bloemen, Leo hier. Today we will talk about number text animation in SwiftUI. I’m finally back. I took some “vacation time” and now the show must go on. If you work for a really big company, it is not unusual to be constrained to what other areas demand. For example, when I […]

Understanding Once and For All SwiftUI Alignment Guides

how to swiftui alignment guides tutorial main image

Hallo computers en projectoren, Leo hier. We are going to discover some of the alignment guides features in SwiftUI. Today I had some nightmares. It is weird how those things are, right? Sleeping as it is, is a weird thing because one moment you are living and awake in the next just void. As I woke […]

Automating SwiftUI Accessibility Audits in Xcode 15

this image describes accessibility in SwiftUI how to achieve it

Hallo vorken en messen, Leo hier. Accessibility is a crucial aspect in the development and design of iOS apps, and its importance extends beyond just a compliance requirement; it’s about creating inclusive and universally usable digital products. Accessibility ensures that all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, can access and benefit from apps. This […]

How to use Published Properties inside a Protocol in SwiftUI?

how to solve the SwiftUI Observable Protocol problem

Hallo jassen en Jurken, Leo hier. Today we will talk about published properties and protocols in SwiftUI. Last weekend I had a nice chat with my friends about getting old and the effects we already feel in our bodies. Interestingly, the most common aging effect is that we all eat less. When I was young […]

A Guide to Geofences in SwiftUI

this image depicts swiftui clmonitor tutorial how to

Hallo hoofdgerechten en snoepjes, Leo hier. Today we will create Geofences in SwiftUI. I think we all remember the Pokemon GO fever, right? Here are just some examples of that fever. Hundreds of people running after Pokemons in certain locations. That was the dream of any Pokemon trainer, now they can have the same feeling […]

Create Your Own Step Counter SwiftUI App in 5 Minutes

how to create a SwiftUI HealthKit Step Counter Tutorial

Hallo telefoons en televisies, Leo hier. Today we will explore the amazing world of HealthKit creating a really simple Step Counter SwiftUI app. As the year draws to a close, it brings with it many joys: Christmas parties, indoor barbecues with friends (locally known as ‘gourmetten‘), and New Year celebrations. This is also the time […]

The Future of Accessing User Location in SwiftUI

tutorial swiftui user location updates new api tutorial

Hallo afwijkenden en wanbetalers, Leo hier. Today we will explore the new API to get User Location in SwiftUI. You know, when we first start out in our careers, it’s all about getting the technical things right. We’re laser-focused on mastering the skills of our trade. But as time goes on and we move up […]

Discovering All SwiftUI TextField Keyboard Types

how to chose the right keyboard type for you app in iOS

Hallo graaf en burggravin, Leo hier. Today we will explore all the SwiftUI TextField Keyboard types. It is always weird to say that we will explore ALL the possibilities for an API because I feel that whenever I press the “publish” button it is already out-of-date content. But for this specific case, I have a […]

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