The Nested Observables Problem in SwiftUI

SwiftUI not updating view problem how to solve it

Hallo boeken en tijdschriften, Leo hier. Today we will talk about nested observables problem in SwiftUI. As I continue to explore SwiftUI I’ve found some interesting behavior. One thing that is really different from UIKit for example, is that the order of the declarations of the view modifiers matters. In fact, the order is crucial […]

How to create Sound Wave Animation with TimelineView and Canvas in SwiftUI

tutorial about swiftui iOS animation guide step by step

Hallo koningen en koninginnen, Leo hier. Today we will explore TimelineView and Canvas in SwiftUI. The TimelineView is very straightforward and a great addition to iOS 15, it is just a view that updates according to a preset scheduler that you can provide. This scheduler can be fixed dates in the future, or a simple […]

5 Techniques to Effortlessly Send Data from UIKit to SwiftUI

best way to send data from UIKit from SwiftUI

Hallo vrienden en vijanden, Leo hier. Today we will explore something important while migrating to SwiftUI with a previous UIKit code base, which is how to send data from UIKit to SwiftUI. The tale is old as time. A new shiny framework is launched by Apple and we all get excited about the new opportunities […]

Mastering Long Press Gestures in SwiftUI: A Mini-Game Tutorial

long press gesture swiftUI how to tutorial

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar Allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will build a mini-game in SwiftUI with long press gestures. I’m more inclined to build more and more stuff with SwiftUI this year. I still need to dive deep into it, to learn all the little details I’m missing in the big picture of my studies. For example, […]

Efficiently Managing Multiple Async Tasks in SwiftUI

async await in SwiftUI task group cancelation tutorial

Hallo tassen en geldriemen, Leo hier. Today we will explore a little problem managing multiple async tasks in SwiftUI. The new concurrency system in Swift is something that we all should start getting into. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the old system has problems, no it works well. As you need it to ace […]

Dynamically Change App Icons for a Unique User Experience with SwiftUI

Dynamically Change App Icons for a Unique User Experience with SwiftUI tutorial

Hallo vrienden, Leo hier. Today we will talk about how to dynamically change app icons with SwiftUI. I had the idea for this article using Duolingo. I don’t like how Duo uses the constrained heart quantity to force you into buying the subscription but they have to earn somehow, right? I think that maybe could […]

Animated Background in SwiftUI

how to swiftui animation value completion

Hallo mijn vrienden, Leo hier. Today we will study an animated background in SwiftUI. SwiftUI definitely makes things easier, components that in the past you should spend days trying to do you can now do it in minutes. This is also true for animations. I love animations, and that is one of the topics that […]

A Guided Tour for SwiftUI ForEach Structure

Hallo flessen en potten, Leo hier. Today we will explore a very powerful structure to make your life easier, the SwiftUI ForEach. It is a common place for all iOS developers. We create an abstraction and want to show a list or table of that abstraction. For example, when you create a list of users, […]

Animated Launch Screen in SwiftUI

swiftUI animated launch screen tutorial step by step

Hallo handdoeken en wastafels, Leo hier. Today we will do an animated launch screen in SwiftUI. Launch screens are controversial. Some argue that you shouldn’t have them and instead put a skeleton view or use the redacted view modifier to all your first screen views until the content is fully loaded. On the other hand, people are used […]

Create a Card with an Image Outside its Bounds in SwiftUI

how to put a view outside its container in swiftUI tutorial

Hallo tafels en lades, Leo hier. Today we will study how to create a card with an image outside its bounds in SwiftUI. Last week was a roller coaster for my family and me. We moved to another city and I had a 2-day SwiftUI hackathon at my company, where my team first got the […]