The Future of Accessing User Location in SwiftUI

tutorial swiftui user location updates new api tutorial

Hallo afwijkenden en wanbetalers, Leo hier. Today we will explore the new API to get User Location in SwiftUI. You know, when we first start out in our careers, it’s all about getting the technical things right. We’re laser-focused on mastering the skills of our trade. But as time goes on and we move up […]

Discovering All SwiftUI TextField Keyboard Types

how to chose the right keyboard type for you app in iOS

Hallo graaf en burggravin, Leo hier. Today we will explore all the SwiftUI TextField Keyboard types. It is always weird to say that we will explore ALL the possibilities for an API because I feel that whenever I press the “publish” button it is already out-of-date content. But for this specific case, I have a […]

SwiftUI Guide: Triggering Actions Solely on First View Appearance

Hallo bomen en bloemen, Leo hier. Today we will talk about a little something widespread in UIKit but we don’t have a native way to do it in SwiftUI that is running an action just once per view load. In UIKit lifecycle we had the viewDidLoad callback that we could use and that would guarantee […]

Exploring the new Preview Macro with SwiftUI and UIKit

using new preview macro with swiftui tutorial

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will explore the new Preview macro and how you can level up your canvas with it. Today I was browsing LinkedIn and one question from one of my iOS developers colleagues appeared. It was asking: What would you say to your younger self when you were starting your iOS […]

Learn how to utilize the Scan and Reduce operators in SwiftUI with Combine

tutorial swiftui combine scan and reduce operators today in iOS development

Hallo vloeren en plafonds, Leo hier. Today we will talk about how useful could be for your SwiftUI views the use of Combine’s scan and reduce Operators. Combine has a lot of operators and is what I think that makes it so powerful. You can express really complex logic just by chaining simple operators. I […]

Adaptative Views That Fit Anywhere in SwiftUI

how to create a view that fits in swiftui example code

Hallo jassen en jurken, Leo hier. Today we will talk about a very interesting SwiftUI Struct called ViewThatFits. Creating screens in iOS was never so easy. Today we have SwiftUI which is a declarative paradigm where you just need to write what you want to show that the framework “kinda” does the rest for you. […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Quick Tips with SwiftUI’s TipKit

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will explore a little bit of TipKit Framework and the core of the discussion is not how to use it but the situations in which it is not recommended to use TipKit. I’ve done this quick tip component sometimes in my iOS developer life. It is true that this […]

Animating Carrousel Transitions in SwiftUI

how to swiftui view transitions tutorial

Hello televisions and pans, Leo here. Today we will talk about animating view transitions in SwiftUI. The first thing that should come to your mind is that we will use the SwiftUI Transition API and you are absolutely right. But of course, we will also add some twists with Tab Views too. The transition API […]

Push Notifications Options in SwiftUI

tutorial for beginners to push notificaitons options SwiftUI

Hallo broeken en jassen, Leo hier. Today we will explore Push Notifications options in SwiftUI. It has been a while since I tried to wrap up this article, I started to write it almost 3 months ago. But you know that a lot of stuff happened and I just had time to come back to […]

iOS Architecture Essentials: Choosing Between Closures and Protocols

tutorial on how to chose between protocol or closures in Swift programming language

Hallo muren en plafonds, leo hier. Today we will think about the architectural decision of using closures and protocols for your types. We’re diving head-first into the riveting world of design decisions. More specifically, we’ll discuss and compare two primary approaches to injecting behavior into your types: Closures and Protocols. Lately, I’m more to the […]

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