Judo: The Tool To Unite Them All

the Judo app the bridge between developers and designers

Hello everyone, Leo here. Today we will explore a design tool called Judo.  Ah, no-code technologies! They’ve come a long way, haven’t they? It seems like just yesterday when the idea of creating websites and apps without writing a single line of code was a far-fetched dream. But fast forward to today, and no-code platforms […]

Exploring Circular Paths: How to Create a Circular Text View in SwiftUI

This image is the front image of an article that describe how to create a circular text in SwiftUI. It depicts white arcs.

Hallo Dames en Heren, Leo hier. Today we will create a very cool project that involves geometry and SwiftUI, a circular text view. I had the idea to do this while biking back from work one of the other days and I saw an advertising sign with a letter in a circular path. I don’t […]

First Apple Rapid Security Response Update: Everything You Need to Know

how apple and google joined forces to block bluetooth hacking initiatives

Hello Apple fans, today I have two news: an surprise initiative about curious partnership between Apple and Google, and the first Rapid Security Response ever released by Apple! When the rapid security response was announced I thought that would something more regular to happen. But passed 4 months since its announcement and now we have […]

Tips and Tricks for Using ContainerRelativeShape in SwiftUI

containerRelativeShape SwiftUI Tutorial

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will explore an interesting Shape in SwiftUI called ContainerRelativeShape. With SwiftUI, creating custom shapes has never been easier. From simple rectangles and circles to more complex polygons and curves, the possibilities are endless. Plus, you can animate your shapes to add even more flair to your app. With SwiftUI, you […]

Simplify Time Comparisons in Swift with RelativeDateTimeFormatter

how to compare dates in Swift?

Hallo papieren en boekjes, leo hier. Today we will explore a native date manipulation API called RelativeDateTimeFormatter. We all know how tricky it can be to work with dates and times, right? We’ve got timezone conversions, internationalization, and daylight saving time to name a few challenges. Thankfully, Swift makes our lives more manageable with a […]

Level Up iPhone Security: A Guide to Setting Up an Alphanumeric Passcode

how to protect your passcodes on iPhone

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Leo here. Today we will talk about a topic that I like and it’s iPhone security. More specifically the Passcode security. The security of your iPhone is of paramount importance in this digital age. Protecting sensitive personal data from prying eyes or malicious hackers should be a top priority. One simple […]

How to Programmatically Add App Icon Badge in SwiftUI?

Hallo boeken en tijdschriften, Leo hier. Today we will talk about Programmatically add app icon badge in SwiftUI. I was vacationing for the last two weeks. I went to a lot of places here and also in France. In France, my wife and family went to Disneyland while I was taking care of my wife’s […]

Apple’s Bold Move: Shifting Production Out of China

why apple is getting out of China. Image shows a river of china.

Hello everyone, Leo here. Today let’s discuss the implications of Apple moving out of its production from China. In recent news, technology giant Apple has announced plans to gradually move a significant portion of its production and supply chain out of China. This momentous decision, as reported by PhoneArena, comes after growing geopolitical tensions, rising […]

Cyclomatic Complexity in Swift: Understanding How it Affect Your Code Quality

how to solve cyclomatic complexity in Swift?

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will talk about cyclomatic complexity in Swift. Do you ever feel like your code is getting out of hand? Are you struggling to understand or maintain a particular function or module in your app? If so, you might be running into issues with cyclomatic complexity and that is more […]

Apple Pay Later: A Game-Changer for Your Wallet?

picture of a wallet representing the Apple Pay later feature

Hey there, fellow tech enthusiasts, Leo here! Today let’s talk about Apple Pay Later the new payment feature released by Apple. Just when we thought the folks at Apple couldn’t surprise us anymore, they’ve gone ahead and unveiled their latest addition to the world of digital finance. This new feature, announced on the official Apple […]

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