Using the New Observation Framework to Network Monitoring in SwiftUI

how to swiftui monitor network observation image describing the monitoring look

Hallo speelgoed en cadeautjes, Leo hier. Have you already thought about what is the end game for developers? I mean, in all my experience working with developers that are more than 40 years old is really rare. Even rare is working with software engineers that have more than 50, and I think I never worked […]

Understanding Once and For All SwiftUI Alignment Guides

how to swiftui alignment guides tutorial main image

Hallo computers en projectoren, Leo hier. We are going to discover some of the alignment guides features in SwiftUI. Today I had some nightmares. It is weird how those things are, right? Sleeping as it is, is a weird thing because one moment you are living and awake in the next just void. As I woke […]

What is @testable Annotation in Swift?

how to swift @testable annotation

Hallo velden en bergen, Leo hier. Today we will talk about @testable when testing in Swift. Before diving into Swift per se, let’s briefly discuss another topic. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we judge other people’s tastes. I’ve seen in several situations when someone says he likes reality shows like Big Brother, […]

Automating SwiftUI Accessibility Audits in Xcode 15

this image describes accessibility in SwiftUI how to achieve it

Hallo vorken en messen, Leo hier. Accessibility is a crucial aspect in the development and design of iOS apps, and its importance extends beyond just a compliance requirement; it’s about creating inclusive and universally usable digital products. Accessibility ensures that all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, can access and benefit from apps. This […]

How to use the rethrows keyword in Swift?

This is a image of rethrows keyword in Swift how to use

Hallo bananen en druiven, Leo hier. Today we will talk about rethrows keyword in Swift. I’ve been talking a lot about why error handling is a critical component of any robust application. In Swift, this is achieved through a set of keywords like throw, try, catch, and finally, rethrows. We already addressed the first three […]

The Flexible Swift Error Handling

how to do error handling in Swift

Hallo iedereen, Leo hier. Today we will talk about error handling in Swift. Note that the article today is about “Error Handling” not “Error Throwing” and that distinction is important because Swift is on the verge of having a really good error-throwing feature. While we wait until at least 2024 fall we will study the […]

How to use Published Properties inside a Protocol in SwiftUI?

how to solve the SwiftUI Observable Protocol problem

Hallo jassen en Jurken, Leo hier. Today we will talk about published properties and protocols in SwiftUI. Last weekend I had a nice chat with my friends about getting old and the effects we already feel in our bodies. Interestingly, the most common aging effect is that we all eat less. When I was young […]

Unavailable Functions In Swift

how to create unavailability in Swift the image depicts that Swift Programming language is doing a great job on that feature

Hallo brandweerlieden en softwareontwikkelaars, Leo hier. Happy New Year! Today let’s talk a little bit about unavailable functions in Swift. Winter has arrived and with it the cold. It’s time to be at home, cozy and under the blankets. In my homeland, however, things during this time of the year were different because it was […]

Mastering the ‘Final’ Keyword in Swift: A Comprehensive Guide for Optimized Coding

how to use final keyword in Swift

Hallo jurken en jassen, Leo hier. Today we will talk about a very basic concept in Swift, the final keyword. So keep in mind that this will be a very beginner-friendly article. In the dynamic world of Swift programming, understanding and effectively using language-specific features is key to writing efficient, robust, and maintainable code. One […]

A Guide to Geofences in SwiftUI

this image depicts swiftui clmonitor tutorial how to

Hallo hoofdgerechten en snoepjes, Leo hier. Today we will create Geofences in SwiftUI. I think we all remember the Pokemon GO fever, right? Here are just some examples of that fever. Hundreds of people running after Pokemons in certain locations. That was the dream of any Pokemon trainer, now they can have the same feeling […]

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