Is the New HomePod Worth the Upgrade? A Side-by-Side Comparison

Hello all, Leo here. Today we will compare the new HomePod with the old one. The new HomePod replaces the first HomePod, which was discontinued in 2018 and features a lot of new technology. But before you invest $300, check how it stacks up. In order to “concentrate on HomePod mini,” Apple canceled the original […]

The Nested Observables Problem in SwiftUI

SwiftUI not updating view problem how to solve it

Hallo boeken en tijdschriften, Leo hier. Today we will talk about nested observables problem in SwiftUI. As I continue to explore SwiftUI I’ve found some interesting behavior. One thing that is really different from UIKit for example, is that the order of the declarations of the view modifiers matters. In fact, the order is crucial […]

Mastering Reachability: A Complete Guide for iPhone Users

iPhone features reachability tutorial guide step by step

Hello Apple Lovers, Leo here. Today we will talk about the reachability feature, which is something not everyone is familiar with. I’ve started this new series of articles explaining somewhat hidden features of the iPhone because is not unusual that I’m using my iPhone and someone says: Hey I didn’t know that we could do […]

How to create Sound Wave Animation with TimelineView and Canvas in SwiftUI

tutorial about swiftui iOS animation guide step by step

Hallo koningen en koninginnen, Leo hier. Today we will explore TimelineView and Canvas in SwiftUI. The TimelineView is very straightforward and a great addition to iOS 15, it is just a view that updates according to a preset scheduler that you can provide. This scheduler can be fixed dates in the future, or a simple […]

New Features to iPhone’s Contacts in iOS 16

Hello Apple Lovers, Leo here. Today we will talk about new iOS 16 Contacts App features. The Contacts app on an Apple device is a built-in application that allows you to store and manage your contact information. You can add, edit, and delete contact entries, and you can also group contacts together in lists or “groups.” […]

5 Techniques to Effortlessly Send Data from UIKit to SwiftUI

best way to send data from UIKit from SwiftUI

Hallo vrienden en vijanden, Leo hier. Today we will explore something important while migrating to SwiftUI with a previous UIKit code base, which is how to send data from UIKit to SwiftUI. The tale is old as time. A new shiny framework is launched by Apple and we all get excited about the new opportunities […]

Mastering Long Press Gestures in SwiftUI: A Mini-Game Tutorial

long press gesture swiftUI how to tutorial

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar Allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will build a mini-game in SwiftUI with long press gestures. I’m more inclined to build more and more stuff with SwiftUI this year. I still need to dive deep into it, to learn all the little details I’m missing in the big picture of my studies. For example, […]

3 Life Changing Features in the New macOS Ventura Email

Hello Apple Lovers, Leo here. Today we will explore some of the new macOS Ventura Email features. Apple’s Mac OS is a popular operating system used by millions of people around the world. It is known for its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and regular updates that bring new and improved capabilities to users. In this […]

Ace Your Next Interview: A Free Study Guide to Algorithms for iOS Developers

iOS algorithms in Swift and SwiftUI tutorial

Hallo nieuwe en oude jaren, Leo hier. Today we will talk about how to study algorithms for iOS Developers, without paying a penny. This year was fantastic. We learned a lot about various topics. I started to write about SwiftUI because I started to work with SwiftUI. I’m really enjoying this new UI framework and […]