Tired of iPhone Apps Begging for Reviews? Here’s the Fix!

Hello everyone, Leo here. Today I’ll teach you something really useful if you install a lot of apps all the time, and that is how to remove the App Reviews prompt. So, you’ve downloaded a bunch of cool apps on your iPhone, but they just won’t stop bugging you for a review, right? We feel you. […]

iOS 16.4: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest iPhone Update

Discover all the latest features of iOS 16.4

Hey there, iPhone enthusiasts! Have you heard about the latest iOS 16.4 update? If not, get ready to be blown away by its amazing features! From new emojis to an improved podcast experience, this update has it all. And that’s not all; Apple has also revamped the home architecture and made it simpler for users […]

Mastering Reachability: A Complete Guide for iPhone Users

iPhone features reachability tutorial guide step by step

Hello Apple Lovers, Leo here. Today we will talk about the reachability feature, which is something not everyone is familiar with. I’ve started this new series of articles explaining somewhat hidden features of the iPhone because is not unusual that I’m using my iPhone and someone says: Hey I didn’t know that we could do […]

New Features to iPhone’s Contacts in iOS 16

Hello Apple Lovers, Leo here. Today we will talk about new iOS 16 Contacts App features. The Contacts app on an Apple device is a built-in application that allows you to store and manage your contact information. You can add, edit, and delete contact entries, and you can also group contacts together in lists or “groups.” […]

How to create Home Screen Quick Actions in Swift

Home Screen Quick Actions example image

Hallo dammes en heren, Leo hier. The topic today is about Home Screen quick actions. They are a really good experience created by Apple from iOS 13 and above where you can have access to whatever feature that the app provides from your Home Screen. Imagine that you have an e-commerce app and you can […]

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