How to Start iOS Development Career Part 3 – Building User Interfaces

Building User Interfaces on iOS and Swift article example

Hallo collega’s, Leo Hier. Building user interfaces in iOS with Swift is a great theme, and today we will have a long discussion about it. This is the third part of my series “How to start iOS Development Career”. If you didn’t read the introduction and part 2, I would strongly suggest doing so. The […]

How to Center a View in the Superview with UIKit using Swift

this is the Center a View in the Superview image example

Hallo vrienden, Leo hier. The topic today is something that everyone eventually has to do: Center a View in the Superview. We will explore interesting facts about UIKit coordinate system. The goal is to center a subview within its superview. It’s been a very busy week for me and the article today will be a […]

How to Write Unit Tests for UIButton with XCTest in Swift

Unit Tests for UIButton image example

Hallo vrienden, Leo hier. Today we will discuss how to write unit tests for UIButton with XCtest in Swift and why you should learn that to improve your code stability and maintainability. This is the first article of a series on how to test UI with unit tests. I know, I know… this is a […]

Making Pixel Art Animations with UIImageView in Swift

Hallo heksen en tovenaars, leo hier. The topic today is how to make animations with UIImageView in Swift and bring life to your apps just using plain UIImage objects. Today we will explore an API that I discovered recently. Last week I had to animate the pin of a map. But it’s not animate it’s […]

How to create Home Screen Quick Actions in Swift

Home Screen Quick Actions example image

Hallo dammes en heren, Leo hier. The topic today is about Home Screen quick actions. They are a really good experience created by Apple from iOS 13 and above where you can have access to whatever feature that the app provides from your Home Screen. Imagine that you have an e-commerce app and you can […]

Animating View Transitions in Swift

Animating View Transitions in Swift example image

Hallo Dames en Heren, Leo hier. The topic today is animating View Transitions in Swift, and how to do smooth view animation transitions with UIKit. We will explore how can you create a transition animation between two view controllers. Whenever you try to present a view controller it can be animated or not. The good […]

How to Use UIKit Convert Function in Swift

How to Use Convert Function in Swift tutorial

Hallo vrienden, Leo Hier. Today’s topic is how to use Convert Function in Swift to create animations. Today we will see how can you a cool animation using scale and translate in your projects. Knowing how to animate things gives life and vibrancy to your projects. Custom animations can be really hard and not intuitive […]

How to change Tab Bar Item font when selected in Swift

How to change Tab Bar Item font when selected in Swift image example

Hallo iedereen, Leo hier. This week I was challenged on How to change the Tab Bar Item font when selected in Swift. We will explore an easy but tricky problem about tab bar controllers. UITabBarController is a very handy component when you want to flat the navigation of your app. The problem is that the […]

Dragging views around in Swift

image about Dragging views around in Swift

Hello dear colleagues, Leo here. This is a tutorial on dragging views around in Swift. We’ll explore some dragging views and a particular problem that I had when trying to do that. The code will be the simple as it can be to focus on what is interesting about dragging views in iOS. We’ll be […]

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