New MapKit Configurations with SwiftUI

new mkmapconfigurations in swiftui

Hallo wandelaars en hardlopers, Leo hier. Today we will make a really fun project exploring all the new MapKit configurations with SwiftUI. I’m loving learning SwiftUI and although I’m really new to it, I can see why so many people love this framework. The speed and the expressiveness that you can achieve with a few […]

Common Swift Task Continuation Problem

Common Swift Task Continuation Problem example

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will discuss some very common asynchronous Swift Task Continuation Problem. The new Swift structured concurrency brings a whole new world of adventures and things that we can use to make our code more expressive and less prone to errors. Meanwhile, it also has a delightful syntax to write and […]

How to Start iOS Development Career Part 2 – Learning Swift Language

this is the Learning Swift Language image example

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. The topic today is learning Swift language. This will be the second post of the series How to Start iOS Development Career. It is very important to read first that post so you can understand the knowledge body we are constructing here. An article about learning Swift is something that talks […]

How to Start iOS Development Career – The 5 Steps Plan

how to Start iOS Development Career example image

Hallo vrienden, Leo hier. The article today is a meta-programming article. It is not about programming itself but is how I started my iOS development career. The motivation behind this is the common pattern of people lost at the beginning of their journeys in the world of iOS. Keep in mind this is the first […]

Project a Value From a Property Wrapper

Project a Value From a Property Wrapper Head image tutorial

Hello boys and girls, Leo here. I’m very excited to inform you all that today we will talk about how to project a value from a property wrapper. Today we will explore one great feature of property wrappers, the projected value. It is very useful when you want to have a little more info about […]

What are Lazy Variables and Why Use in Swift

Lazy Variables in Swift

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Leo here. Today the topic is lazy variables and why it’s important for you to know. The lazy var is a special type of *var* that means the variable value isn’t calculated until we first use it. This brings to the table the flexibility of having 1000 items in memory that […]

Safe Get a Value From an Array in Swift

Hello people, Leo here. The topic today is how to Safe get a value from an array in Swift. Why this is important? Well, if you don’t have a mechanism to safe get values from your arrays, one day your app can crash in production because you didn’t cover all the edge cases for your […]