From Concept to Code: Strategies for Planning Animations in SwiftUI

how to swiftui planning animations. An image in the theatre,

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will talk about planning animations in SwiftUI. The past week I was very busy and couldn’t sleep very well since I was awake for more extended periods at night that was also an opportunity to study topics that I usually don’t touch because of lack of time. I discovered […]

Animated Background in SwiftUI

how to swiftui animation value completion

Hallo mijn vrienden, Leo hier. Today we will study an animated background in SwiftUI. SwiftUI definitely makes things easier, components that in the past you should spend days trying to do you can now do it in minutes. This is also true for animations. I love animations, and that is one of the topics that […]

Making Pixel Art Animations with UIImageView in Swift

Hallo heksen en tovenaars, leo hier. The topic today is how to make animations with UIImageView in Swift and bring life to your apps just using plain UIImage objects. Today we will explore an API that I discovered recently. Last week I had to animate the pin of a map. But it’s not animate it’s […]

Animating View Transitions in Swift

Animating View Transitions in Swift example image

Hallo Dames en Heren, Leo hier. The topic today is animating View Transitions in Swift, and how to do smooth view animation transitions with UIKit. We will explore how can you create a transition animation between two view controllers. Whenever you try to present a view controller it can be animated or not. The good […]

How to Use UIKit Convert Function in Swift

How to Use Convert Function in Swift tutorial

Hallo vrienden, Leo Hier. Today’s topic is how to use Convert Function in Swift to create animations. Today we will see how can you a cool animation using scale and translate in your projects. Knowing how to animate things gives life and vibrancy to your projects. Custom animations can be really hard and not intuitive […]

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