Users will soon be able to retrieve deleted messages and group admins will be able to erase messages from a chat, both features that have been a long time coming. We know what we know so far.

The ability to recover messages deleted for you by mistake is in the new version of the app. Have you ever deleted a message for someone? Is it possible to just deleted the wrong message?

When a message is deleted with the option to “delete for me”, you’ll be able to retrieve it by tapping the “Undo” button. A snack bar will let the user know that the message has been erased and that they can change it.

It is not clear how long users will have to wait for a message. Currently, only a few lucky people can try this function, but soon, it should be available to everyone.

The group admins will be able to remove any message for everyone. There is a function in the latest version of the app that can be used by some people.

The publication explains things:

If you are looking for a fast way to check if the feature is available, just check if you can delete any recent message from a group where you’re an admin: if “delete for everyone” shows up when you try to delete a message sent from another participant, it means the feature is available for your account! This is a very important feature for group admins because they can finally moderate their WhatsApp groups better.

When a message is deleted by a group admin, it’s different from when a message is deleted without everyone knowing.

In the future, both features will be rolled out to all users. Are you looking forward to it? The comment section is where you can share your thoughts.

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