What is @testable Annotation in Swift?

how to swift @testable annotation

Hallo velden en bergen, Leo hier. Today we will talk about @testable when testing in Swift. Before diving into Swift per se, let’s briefly discuss another topic. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we judge other people’s tastes. I’ve seen in several situations when someone says he likes reality shows like Big Brother, […]

Unit Test Expected Failures in Swift

Hallo jassen en jurken, Leo hier. Today we will explore how to create expected failures in unit tests using pure Swift. I posted two questions on my LinkedIn about soft and hard skills. I’m opinionated about this matter and I wanted to hear from the community what your thoughts are. I know that some people […]

How to Unit Test Notification Center in Swift

this is the image for How to Unit Test Notification Center in Swift image example

Hallo honden and katten, Leo hier. Today’s topic is how to Unit Test Notification Center in Swift and how to make your life easier in terms of maintainability of your code that use Notification Center. We will continue to talk about unit testing. Since iOS 2, we iOS developers have access to this dispatch center. […]

How to Write Unit Tests for UIButton with XCTest in Swift

Unit Tests for UIButton image example

Hallo vrienden, Leo hier. Today we will discuss how to write unit tests for UIButton with XCtest in Swift and why you should learn that to improve your code stability and maintainability. This is the first article of a series on how to test UI with unit tests. I know, I know… this is a […]

Unit Testing UIViewController Dismiss Closure in Swift

Hallo alle mensen, Leo Hier. The topic today is unit testing UIViewController dismiss closure in your Swift code. Today we will attack some tricky unit testing code. First, let’s talk about testing UIViewController with unit tests. I’m very akin to testing everything. Literally. I think we should have unit tests for everything. Every little piece of code […]

Best ways to do Equatable in Unit Tests using Swift

Equatable in Unit Tests title example image

Hallo keizerinnen en keizers, Leo hier. The topic today is various ways to do equatable in Unit Tests using Swift. Today we will explore a somewhat common problem when testing code in Swift/iOS development. I can’t stress enough the fact we all should be doing tests, this is a real game changer for any developer. […]

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