iOS Architecture Essentials: Choosing Between Closures and Protocols

tutorial on how to chose between protocol or closures in Swift programming language

Hallo muren en plafonds, leo hier. Today we will think about the architectural decision of using closures and protocols for your types. We’re diving head-first into the riveting world of design decisions. More specifically, we’ll discuss and compare two primary approaches to injecting behavior into your types: Closures and Protocols. Lately, I’m more to the […]

The One Swift 5.9 Feature to Start Using Now

learn the news to swift 5.9 version today!

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will talk about one feature of the new Swift 5.9 that you can start to use now. Before we start talking about code I need to say one word or two about the last events in my life. First I was vacationing for 3 weeks in Brazil and I […]

Simplify Time Comparisons in Swift with RelativeDateTimeFormatter

how to compare dates in Swift?

Hallo papieren en boekjes, leo hier. Today we will explore a native date manipulation API called RelativeDateTimeFormatter. We all know how tricky it can be to work with dates and times, right? We’ve got timezone conversions, internationalization, and daylight saving time to name a few challenges. Thankfully, Swift makes our lives more manageable with a […]

Cyclomatic Complexity in Swift: Understanding How it Affect Your Code Quality

how to solve cyclomatic complexity in Swift?

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will talk about cyclomatic complexity in Swift. Do you ever feel like your code is getting out of hand? Are you struggling to understand or maintain a particular function or module in your app? If so, you might be running into issues with cyclomatic complexity and that is more […]

Merge, CombineLatest, and Zip: Comparing Operators of Combine for iOS

how to swiftui combine multiple streams mix. This picture is a girl.

Hallo honden en katten, Leo hier! Today let’s understand the main differences between merge, CombineLatest, and Zip operators in Combine for iOS. If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the hunt for the most efficient and elegant way to deal with asynchronous events and data streams. And if that’s the case, you’ve probably come […]

SQLite vs Core Data in iOS Development: Which One Should You Choose?

Photo that represents sqlite vs core data swift swiftui iOS and boats

Hallo vrienden, Leo hier. Today we will explore iOS system design with SQLite and Core Data. Have you ever found yourself in a pickle trying to decide whether to use SQLite or Core Data in your next project? Well, you’re not alone. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about SQLite and Core Data […]

Guide to Unit Testing with Async/Await in Swift

* Async/await Unit testing Asynchronous code Swift XCTestExpectation Closure-based function unit testing Async function testing Task testing Swift concurrency library Async/await syntax Asynchronous code testing XCTestExpectation class Swift unit testing Async/await unit testingAsynchronous code unit testing tutorial

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will talk about unit test your new async functions. Async/await is a programming pattern that allows developers to write asynchronous code in a synchronous-like style. This pattern makes it easier to write and read asynchronous code and has become popular in many programming languages, including Swift. When it comes […]

Creating your own custom RawRepresentable Enum in Swift

RawRepresentable Enum in Swift guide for beginners enum

Hallo vrienden en familie, Leo hier. Today we will explore how to do your own RawRepresentable Enum in Swift. I like to ask iOS developers what is their favorite Swift feature. It is very common that the answer is Enums and I understand why. An enumeration defines a standard type for a group of related […]

Using Sequence Function to Solve Math Problem in Swift

Hallo dames en heren, Leo hier. Today we’ll study how to use the Sequence Function to Solve a Math Problem in Swift. I was watching a youtube video about Math and something come to my mind. The video’s title was “7 is a weird number“, which caught my attention. First, because I like Math, and second […]

How to Scan Texts, QR Codes, and Barcodes in Swift

how to Scan Texts, QR Codes, and Barcodes in Swift example

Hallo broeders en zusters, Leo hier. The topic today is how to use your camera to Scan Texts, QR Codes, and Barcodes in Swift and iOS. It was never so easy to accomplish those tasks. Really. In a few lines of code, you can create a structure that reads QR Codes and texts. And that […]

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