Learn how to utilize the Scan and Reduce operators in SwiftUI with Combine

tutorial swiftui combine scan and reduce operators today in iOS development

Hallo vloeren en plafonds, Leo hier. Today we will talk about how useful could be for your SwiftUI views the use of Combine’s scan and reduce Operators. Combine has a lot of operators and is what I think that makes it so powerful. You can express really complex logic just by chaining simple operators. I […]

Merge, CombineLatest, and Zip: Comparing Operators of Combine for iOS

how to swiftui combine multiple streams mix. This picture is a girl.

Hallo honden en katten, Leo hier! Today let’s understand the main differences between merge, CombineLatest, and Zip operators in Combine for iOS. If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the hunt for the most efficient and elegant way to deal with asynchronous events and data streams. And if that’s the case, you’ve probably come […]

Swift and Combine: Which thread runs my sink closure?

Which thread runs my sink closure main thread combine thread example

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will discuss which thread runs my sink closure using Combine and Swift. Last week we started to dive more into Apple’s Combine framework and a very important question was raised. When you use the reactive programming paradigm you probably will end with the pub-sub paradigm, implying that you will […]

Timer Types in Swift

Hallo mannen en vrouwen, Leo hier. The topic today is all the Timer Types in Swift and examples of Timers. We’ll explore one thing that eventually everybody comes across in app development that is some tasks should be done from time to time OR some tasks delayed in the future. We are talking about timers […]

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