iOS Architecture Essentials: Choosing Between Closures and Protocols

tutorial on how to chose between protocol or closures in Swift programming language

Hallo muren en plafonds, leo hier. Today we will think about the architectural decision of using closures and protocols for your types. We’re diving head-first into the riveting world of design decisions. More specifically, we’ll discuss and compare two primary approaches to injecting behavior into your types: Closures and Protocols. Lately, I’m more to the […]

Memento Pattern with SwiftUI

tutorial memento in swift swiftui

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. I’m glad to announce that we will study one of the classic twenty-three design patterns, we will create an implementation of the Memento pattern in SwiftUI. We will mix a very old technique with the new UI framework in this tutorial article. The main motivation to start studying this was a […]

How to Start iOS Development Career Part 6 – Architecture and iOS Tooling

Architecture and iOS Tooling image example

Hallo eindkandidaten, Leo hier. The topic today is Architecture, iOS Tooling, and how to study them at the beginning of your career as an iOS developer. If you didn’t read the Introduction, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 I would strongly suggest doing so. This is the sixth and last part of […]

Dependency Injection with Needle

Dependency Injection with Needle example Swift Image

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. The topic today is Dependency Injection with Needle. When I started as an iOS developer I wanted to know everything I can. I can remember the first days of struggling with delegation and also closures. I remember trying to understand a really interesting article from Sundell about Promises and Futures in […]

Remove Data Clump in Swift

Remove Data Clump in Swift example

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will discuss how to remove data clump in Swift to decrease developer cognitive load. Today we will talk about a code smell. Code smells are symptoms that something is not “well thought”, implying that it could/should be improved. Mind that the mere existence of a code smell is not […]

Using Decorator Pattern to Add Architectural Non-Intrusive Analytics in Swift

Hallo alle mensen, Leo Hier. This week’s article is about using decorator pattern to add architectural non-intrusive analytics in Swift. Today we will talk about a little more advanced architecture topic. We will discuss cohesion and coupling while we will walk through all the solutions. The most important lesson today is that we will apply […]

App Modularisation with Swift Package Manager

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. The topic is an introduction to App Modularisation with Swift Package Manager and a tutorial on adding package manager to your projects. Today we will do a little project with modularisation. We will use Swift Package Manager because is how natively we have access to modularisation and it’s the way Apple […]

Generic Factory Pattern in Swift

Generic Factory Pattern in Swift example image

Hallo koningen en koninginnen, Leo hier. The topic today is how to create a Generic Factory Pattern in Swift. We’ll explore a very special Factory pattern in Swift. The factory method is a very interesting one because is a creational pattern. The creational design patterns provide various object creation mechanisms such as initializers or functions, […]

Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Swift

Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Swift example

Hoi mensen, Leo hier. Today’s topic is the Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Swift which is a behavioral design pattern that lets you send requests along a chain of handlers. We will explore the responder chain design pattern that is responsible for all the touches going to the right views in iOS. When a user touches the […]

Coordinators and Tab Bars: A Love Story

Coordinators and Tab Bars example head image

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Leo here. The day has come and we will talk about Coordinators and Tab Bars in Swift and how they can greatly work together. This will be a very long and interesting(I hope) post because the subject today is… Architecture, more specifically coordinator pattern. The coordinator pattern comes to help the […]

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