Algorithms: Matching Parenthesis Problem in Swift

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Hey folks Leo here, This is a classic algorithm problem and the solution is very straightforward. The problem:

Given a string of parenthesis ‘(‘ and ‘)’, write a function which returns true if there are matching pairs and false if there are not. A matching pair means, there should be a closing parenthesis for an opening one, in correct order.

The easiest solution is using a stack data structure. Check the solution below:

func isMatchinParenthesis(phrase: String) -> Bool {
    var resultStack : [String.Element] = []
    if phrase.isEmpty || phrase.count < 2 {
        return false
    for letter in phrase {
        if letter == "(" {
        } else if letter == ")" {
            if resultStack.last == "(" {
            } else {
                return false
    return resultStack.isEmpty

You can use switch statement rather than the if's. There are others ways to accomplish this, can you find another one?

Thanks for reading, That's all folks!

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