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This is a classic algorithm problem and the solution is very straightforward. The problem:

Given a string of parenthesis ‘(‘ and ‘)’, write a function that returns true if there are matching pairs and false if there are not. A matching pair means, there should be a closing parenthesis for an opening one, incorrect order.

The easiest solution is using a stack data structure. Check the solution below:  

func isMatchinParenthesis(phrase: String) -> Bool {
    var resultStack : [String.Element] = []
    if phrase.isEmpty || phrase.count < 2 {
        return false
    for letter in phrase {
        if letter == "(" {
        } else if letter == ")" {
            if resultStack.last == "(" {
            } else {
                return false
    return resultStack.isEmpty

You can use the switch statement rather than the ifs. There are others ways to accomplish this, can you find another one?


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