Xcode - Tips 1- Shortcuts

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Hey guys, what's up?

Quote of the day:

I'm here to bring the all the shortcuts that I use to develop on Xcode.

I'll abbreviate the keys for the sake of simplicity:

 ⌘ - command
⌥ - option
^  - control 

1 - Enter the definition of function/type/method/etc Did you already need to anwser this questions - "how this is defined? I want to know what this function do fastly!" Just put the cursos over the function and press:


2 - Back where you were This is when you go check other files and want to go back where you were working, very usefull for fast visualization Just press:

^+⌘+ ←

3 - automatic indentation - the salvation shortcut For months a was done indentation manually, but now I'm free of this burden! Just select the code for auto indentation and press:


4 - run on simulator/device I know everyone knows this but it's ok to remember. Just press:


For now this was the most useful shortcuts i've found. If you use others just comment below!

See you guys!

Image credit: peterfriese.dev/xcode-shortcuts

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