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The Pain Points in a Developers Productivity Work

The Pain Points in a Developers Productivity Work

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Leonardo Maia Pugliese
·Nov 4, 2021·

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Hello everyone!

A very very quick post today because I literally have no time to write this week. Next week everything should be ok again... I hope.

This post I made for Zigi.ai. The post is about the developer happiness. This is meta developer theme because it's not about development itself, but how it can be improved by leveraging some workplace techniques.

The post is here: The pain points in a developers Productivity Work

Of course I'll leave some painting here to all readers delight.

The Painting

This painting is called Saint Francis in Meditation (c. 1604/06 or 1607/10), by the Italian master Caravaggio.

This is one of two paintings of almost identical measurements showing Saint Francis of Assisi contemplating a skull (see Saint Francis in Prayer) - neither is documented and both are disputed, although the dispute is as to whether they are originals or copies. The dating of both is highly uncertain, although the cypress trunk behind this Saint Francis is very reminiscent of the tree behind the Corsini John the Baptist. St Francis was a popular subject during the Counter-Reformation, when the Church stressed - at least officially - the virtues of poverty and the imitation of Christ.

I choose because this is the face of the developer when they have the work interrupted. 🥲


This was just a repost of one of my articles on other platforms. Thanks

That's all my people, I hope you liked as I enjoyed write this article. If you want to support this blog you can Buy Me a Coffee or just leave a comment saying hello. You can also sponsor posts and I'm open to writing freelancing! Just reach me in LinkedIn or Twitter for details.

Thanks for the reading and... That's all folks.

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