Creating Settings Screen in SwiftUI With AppStorage

how to swiftUI appstorage annotaiton tutorial

Hallo muren en daken, Leo hier. Today we will talk about how to create a persistent user settings configuration using AppStorage in SwiftUI. Let’s remove the elephant from the room because AppStorage annotation uses UserDefaults. Don’t treat UserDefaults like your personal dumping ground for every piece of data under the sun. Sure, it’s tempting to […]

How to use Published Properties inside a Protocol in SwiftUI?

how to solve the SwiftUI Observable Protocol problem

Hallo jassen en Jurken, Leo hier. Today we will talk about published properties and protocols in SwiftUI. Last weekend I had a nice chat with my friends about getting old and the effects we already feel in our bodies. Interestingly, the most common aging effect is that we all eat less. When I was young […]

Unavailable Functions In Swift

how to create unavailability in Swift the image depicts that Swift Programming language is doing a great job on that feature

Hallo brandweerlieden en softwareontwikkelaars, Leo hier. Happy New Year! Today let’s talk a little bit about unavailable functions in Swift. Winter has arrived and with it the cold. It’s time to be at home, cozy and under the blankets. In my homeland, however, things during this time of the year were different because it was […]

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