How to make great Launch Screen in iOS? - Human Interface Guideline Series

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Hello people, Leo Here.

Today we'll continue the Human interface Guideline Series talking about the first thing you see (or not) on the app, oh yeah we'll talk about the launch screen.

The launch screen is a very important topic when you want to cause a very good first impression. You can recall some app you've downloaded that have a glitchy/bug/flickering launch screen and the first we think is "Well this should not supposed to be like that".

So I got some guidelines from apple The Guidelines so we can discuss a little bit about.

First of all...

Your launch screen should be FASTLY replaced by the first screen of your app.

Why? This is to give the fluidity sensation of your app. This is important because the feeling of fluidity is the best way to cause a very good first impression. The goal here is to create the illusion that the app starts instantly. Another thing to pay attention is to customize the launch screen to dark mode too, don't forget this.

The launch screen shouldn't be used to advertise your brand

Instead, the apple recommendation is the exact opposite. It should be nearly identical to the first screen of your app. See below:

Captura de Tela 2020-06-04 às 12.13.23.png

Avoid including texts in your launch screen

If you follow the guideline, your launch screen will be fastly replaced by the first screen of your app, so you wouldn't have problems with localization/fonts/screen sizes. This is particularly important because can avoid a lot of trouble.

And last but not least important...

Don't use a static image for your launch screen

Sound obvious but it's not, you don't want to handle every single apple release putting ifs in your code just to adjust the launch screen. Stay safe.

That's my 2 cents over the human interface guideline, I'm glad you read until here. Feedbacks are always appreciated.

Thanks for the reading and... That's all folks!

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