Introduction to SwiftUI Modularisation with SPM

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will try to start our SwiftUI modularisation with SPM in 5 minutes. Since the first article about modularisation I feel that something was missing. Now I know what it is. In that article, I started with a fully engineered example with a coordinator pattern and two view controllers. This […]

Dependency Injection with Needle

Dependency Injection with Needle example Swift Image

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. The topic today is Dependency Injection with Needle. When I started as an iOS developer I wanted to know everything I can. I can remember the first days of struggling with delegation and also closures. I remember trying to understand a really interesting article from Sundell about Promises and Futures in […]

App Modularisation with Swift Package Manager

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. The topic is an introduction to App Modularisation with Swift Package Manager and a tutorial on adding package manager to your projects. Today we will do a little project with modularisation. We will use Swift Package Manager because is how natively we have access to modularisation and it’s the way Apple […]

Framework Access Levels in Swift

head image of Framework Access Levels in Swift - A Curious Journey

Hello fellow developers, Leo here. We will discuss Framework Access Levels in Swift and how that can leverage your framework code in your day-to-day life. Today will be a quick topic about framework building and the difference between public and open access control levels. This masterpiece was painted by Jacques Fouquier, Jacques Fouquières or Jacob […]

Frameworks: embed or not embed that’s the question

this is the head image of the framework tutorial about embed or not and about signing or not the modules

Hello, my fellow peers, Leo here. We will study how to embed or not embed a framework like static and dynamic libraries in your architecture. Today we’ll explore one thing that I recently discovered and I want to share with you all. When you create a framework in iOS development it can be various things, […]

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