How to Start iOS Development Career Part 3 – Building User Interfaces

Building User Interfaces on iOS and Swift article example

Hallo collega’s, Leo Hier. Building user interfaces in iOS with Swift is a great theme, and today we will have a long discussion about it. This is the third part of my series “How to start iOS Development Career”. If you didn’t read the introduction and part 2, I would strongly suggest doing so. The […]

How to Start iOS Development Career Part 2 – Learning Swift Language

this is the Learning Swift Language image example

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. The topic today is learning Swift language. This will be the second post of the series How to Start iOS Development Career. It is very important to read first that post so you can understand the knowledge body we are constructing here. An article about learning Swift is something that talks […]

How to Start iOS Development Career – The 5 Steps Plan

how to Start iOS Development Career example image

Hallo vrienden, Leo hier. The article today is a meta-programming article. It is not about programming itself but is how I started my iOS development career. The motivation behind this is the common pattern of people lost at the beginning of their journeys in the world of iOS. Keep in mind this is the first […]

The Pain Points in a Developers Productivity Work

Hello everyone! Today’s topic is the pain points in a developers productivity work. Will be a very very quick post today because I literally have no time to write this week. Next week everything should be ok again… I hope. This post I made for The post is about the developer’s happiness. This is […]

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