Memento Pattern with SwiftUI

tutorial memento in swift swiftui

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. I’m glad to announce that we will study one of the classic twenty-three design patterns, we will create an implementation of the Memento pattern in SwiftUI. We will mix a very old technique with the new UI framework in this tutorial article. The main motivation to start studying this was a […]

Using Decorator Pattern to Add Architectural Non-Intrusive Analytics in Swift

Hallo alle mensen, Leo Hier. This week’s article is about using decorator pattern to add architectural non-intrusive analytics in Swift. Today we will talk about a little more advanced architecture topic. We will discuss cohesion and coupling while we will walk through all the solutions. The most important lesson today is that we will apply […]

Generic Factory Pattern in Swift

Generic Factory Pattern in Swift example image

Hallo koningen en koninginnen, Leo hier. The topic today is how to create a Generic Factory Pattern in Swift. We’ll explore a very special Factory pattern in Swift. The factory method is a very interesting one because is a creational pattern. The creational design patterns provide various object creation mechanisms such as initializers or functions, […]

Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Swift

Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Swift example

Hoi mensen, Leo hier. Today’s topic is the Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Swift which is a behavioral design pattern that lets you send requests along a chain of handlers. We will explore the responder chain design pattern that is responsible for all the touches going to the right views in iOS. When a user touches the […]

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