Cryptographic Keys and Swift

How to create Cryptographic Keys and Swift example

Hello everyone, Leo here. This is the Cryptographic Keys and Swift introductory article. Today we will introduce a very nice theme about Cryptographic Keys. iOS is heavily secure based on cryptography, which Apple introduces in iPhone 5S versions and above a dedicated subsystem (mix of hardware and software) called Secure Enclave. For us, iOS developers, […]

HMAC Key Cryptography in Swift

HMAC Key Cryptography in Swift example

Hallo mensen, Leo Hier. The topic today is HMAC Key Cryptography in Swift and an example of how to authenticate messages with native Swift. This is my first post abroad, now writing from the Netherlands! 🎉🎉🎉 I was missing writing here and talking to you all. Now I’m more or less settled down for a […]

Hash Functions in Swift

Hash Functions in Swift image

Hello Queens and Kings, Leo here. The topic today is Hash Functions in Swift and how you can really understand the importance of this cryptographic technique. We’ll explore one of the basic concepts of cryptography, of course, I’m talking about hashing. Hashing is so important that it’s baked into Swift Standard Library, because it enables […]

Using Cryptography Asymmetric Keys in Swift

Cryptography Asymmetric Keys in Swift

Hello, fellow tech developers, Leo here. Do you ever consider studying or using Cryptography Asymmetric Keys in Swift? My hope is that this article helps you on solving your cryptography problems. Having cryptographic problems is not easy, so let’s try to make that a little bit more intuitive today. This week we’ll explore some old […]

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