Efficiently Managing Multiple Async Tasks in SwiftUI

async await in SwiftUI task group cancelation tutorial

Hallo tassen en geldriemen, Leo hier. Today we will explore a little problem managing multiple async tasks in SwiftUI. The new concurrency system in Swift is something that we all should start getting into. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the old system has problems, no it works well. As you need it to ace […]

Guide to Unit Testing with Async/Await in Swift

* Async/await Unit testing Asynchronous code Swift XCTestExpectation Closure-based function unit testing Async function testing Task testing Swift concurrency library Async/await syntax Asynchronous code testing XCTestExpectation class Swift unit testing Async/await unit testingAsynchronous code unit testing tutorial

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will talk about unit test your new async functions. Async/await is a programming pattern that allows developers to write asynchronous code in a synchronous-like style. This pattern makes it easier to write and read asynchronous code and has become popular in many programming languages, including Swift. When it comes […]

Common Swift Task Continuation Problem

Common Swift Task Continuation Problem example

Hallo allemaal, Leo hier. Today we will discuss some very common asynchronous Swift Task Continuation Problem. The new Swift structured concurrency brings a whole new world of adventures and things that we can use to make our code more expressive and less prone to errors. Meanwhile, it also has a delightful syntax to write and […]

Point of Synchronization in Swift an Interview Problem

Point of Synchronisation in Swift main image example

Hello Queens and Kings, Leo here. The topic today is Point of Synchronization in Swift. But what does it mean? Today I’ll start one series about everything related to the iOS interview process. The history started here: the Babylon health iOS github . There you can see that shared all their interviewing process and I […]

OperationQueue in Swift

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Leo here. Today we’ll explore OperationQueue in Swift in Swift. We will learn how it can help you improve your async operations. The scope is introductory therefore we won’t going to explore every possibility with OperationQueues, the focus is the basics of the API. The main goal to achieve is how to […]

async Threading why: understand DispatchGroup is

Hello everyone, Leo here. Today we’ll see a very common problem in computer science, and yes is about asynchronous programming. There’s a lot to explore inside Apple’s GCD framework but today we’ll dive into a class called DispatchGroup and analyse what it can do for us. We will check various examples of DispatchGroup in practice and how […]

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